Why choose adoption?

Adoption is a courageous and loving decision. But it’s not easy. Most teen girls and women contact us because they realize they’re not ready to parent a child at this time in their life. A single mother may want her baby to have two stable parents, or a couple may feel they can’t afford to raise a child or have any more children. Others need to complete their education or are having problems with their relationships. We’re here for you during this time of uncertainty—to help you make informed decisions for you and your baby. Women who choose adoption do so because they fully believe it is the best decision for everyone.

How does adoption benefit my baby and me?

If you’re not ready to be a parent—and many teen girls and women in your situation aren’t—you can still give your baby the gift of a lifelong family by choosing adoption. You have the power to legally plan your baby’s future by selecting a stable, loving family for your baby. The family will embrace the child as their own and provide the future you want for your baby.

Why should I work with Children’s Home Society of Florida?

Because our main concern is for you and your baby. CHS provides all of the services of a law office, PLUS a whole lot more. We provide one-on-one counseling to help you through the decision–making process. We have support groups to help you connect with others who are in a similar situation or have gone through it recently. We will also be here for you long after the adoption is completed through support services and confidential, lifetime storage of files. We do all of these things while providing top-notch legal services to satisfy all requirements at no cost to you.

Services Children’s Home Society of Florida Typical Law Office
24/7 One-on-One Pregnancy Counseling x  
Adoption Legal Services x x
Matching with Adoptive Family x x
Assistance with Financial Resources x x
Transportation to Medical Appointments x  
Support Groups x  
Post Adoption Counseling x  
Search & Reunion Services x  
Lifetime Retention of Records x  
Lifetime Updates x