What happens after adoption?

What support will I receive after the adoption?

Each birth mother is different, but many wish to receive additional counseling and support after the birth of their children. During this time, our counselors help you deal with grief and loss issues related to adoption and help support your decision. CHS has provided adoption services for more than 105 years and continues supportive counseling to birth mothers for as long as they need it.

What if I decide years after the adoption that I’d like to contact my child?

We provide confidential lifetime maintenance of all adoption records in our adoption archive program. We adhere to all agreements made at the time of adoption and do not reveal any information without consent on both sides. If, and when, the time is right, the archive staff can provide search and reunion services for all members of the adoption triad: birth mothers, adoptees and adoptive parents. These services are initiated by a member of the triad and always coordinated through our office for a minimal fee.

What happens if my child wants to find me?

CHS provides confidential lifetime maintenance of adoption records. If your child wants to find you, he or she must wait until reaching 18 years of age before we will assist with contact. We will only initiate communication after we contact you and you agree to it.